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Acoustic Graffiti performances and art works, created by Oleg Lapidus, signify the spread of graffiti culture into music world. While classic graffiti usually stands for painting on a prohibited surface, «acoustic graffiti» is a music performance in a prohibited place at a prohibited time. The difference between the two would be that visual graffiti is a form of street art while “acoustic graffiti” can happen indoors, including the most high profile venues, where classic graffiti would equal vandalism. The moment of truth comes when security appear on the scene. It is the symbol of prohibition imposed on an individual by public order regulations

The “Pianocrasher” title refers to Italian “piano” – meaning “soft” and can be interpreted as “breaking silence.” Talented and versatile musician, Oleg is a virtuoso clarinettist and saxophonist, a skilful pianist, flutist and a music teacher. For this reason his “pianocrashes” involve not only actual piano performances, but also flute, sax and clarinet.

Recent pianocrashes include the lobby of the iconic buildings on the South Bank – Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal National Theatre, a number of top London hotels, like The Dorchester and Grosvenor House in Park Lane, historic Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair and The Ritz as well as restaurants such as glamorous JUST St. James’s in St. James’s.

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